How Ditto Stacks Up

When it comes to workflow processes, Ditto is in a class of its own.

Unlike “one stop shop” apps with fragmented and complicated toolkits, Ditto is simple, intuitive, and fully streamlined. When you work with Ditto, the entire process – from initial proposal to final deliverable – is fully integrated into one simple workflow. Ditto takes care of all the admin. Just set up your project once and leave the rest to us. 

Ditto’s process is simple and straightforward for both contractors and clients. No advanced skillsets or setups are required (looking at you, Dubsado).  Ditto was designed by freelancers who’ve been on both sides of the table – we’ve worked as freelancers, and as clients. We’ve experienced the unique challenges faced by contractors and clients alike and we provide only the tools you need to be productive - no more, no less.

Plain and simple, Ditto is agile admin.

An Agile Process for Agile Work.

With core beliefs borrowed from the Agile Development world, we've purpose-built for flexibility and productivity. Ditto streamlines proposals, project setup, client communications and payments into one simple flow. You set up the project once. Then we handle transactional communications, status updates, invoicing, and payments, while you take care of the real work.

Ditto is not...

A contract builder. In fact, we’d like to do away with static contracts all together. When you work with Ditto, you agree to a way of working: Clients pay for each phase of work before it begins and Ditto releases payments promptly to contractors at the end of each phase. As long as the contractor and client agree - by way of our legally binding onboarding process - no further contracts are required, though terms can be added.

A replacement for expense/accounting reporting apps like Quickbooks. We do plan to integrate with Quickbooks and Xero to update your accounting documentation with just the click of a button, but for now, we're staying laser-focused. That being said, run all of your projects through Ditto, and tax time will be a whole lot easier, because Ditto does handle the 1099 tax forms – Clients love that.

A payment platform or Freelancer bank. Ditto does not offer one-off transactions, classic invoicing or billing toolkits. We do offer a better way to get paid in the context of contract work. Contractors will never worry about late or lack of payment, and clients will never worry about unexpected budget balloons. 

A task and/or time manager. Ditto breaks projects down into smaller chunks of work, each with a cost. This phasing approach eliminates the need for granular task tracking but provides the right amount of documentation to let the client know where the work stands at all times. Ditto is better suited for project work than for hourly work, though it is possible to sell blocks of hours.