From Frazzled to Frictionless

We're building a platform to help creative professionals collaborate more effectively with clients. Think every client dialed-in and delighted. Think every client up-to-date on project status, budget, scope, and invoices... all the time.

✓ Stop the busywork, re-work, and investigative work
✓ Never worry that something will slip through the cracks
✓ Keep projects running on-time and in-scope
✓ Spend less time following up (a.k.a. nagging)
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Supercharge your Projects
Super-Impress your Clients

Unlike typical project management platforms, Ditto's client management platform uses a proven phase-based approach to keep clients and creatives aligned every step of the way.


Document proposals, SOW, and change requests in real time in Ditto's dynamic project portal, for documentation that is lightweight but legally binding. Static contracts stuffed in folders are a thing of the past.


Get ahead of client feedback, reminders, and requests - Ditto helps you plan and partially automate client communications to keep clients in the loop, with ease. No more hours spent "crafting" emails.


Get paid your way - flexible payment terms and setup can be tailored to each client. You choose to get paid upfront, upon completion, or in installments based on dates or deliverables. Clients can choose to pay via ACH or credit card.

Our Mission is to Make Creative Projects Feel Easy
Make Creative Projects Feel Easy.

Ever had a project where everything just felt easy? Where the work stayed on time, in budget, and in scope? Where the client always gave the right amount of feedback, understood the strategic value of your work, and sang your praises when the project was complete?

Experienced creative professionals know that great work isn't enough to guarantee those perfect projects. Client relationships can make or break you -- and like personal relationships, they take work. Sure, clients want really talented partners. But they also want transparency and trust.

Delivering great work for clients requires a delicate balance of meeting them where they are while setting boundaries to protect the project, your team, and your reputation.

We know this because we live this. So we build products to help you guide your clients through the project so you can focus your time and attention on the "real" work. Think flexible, yet enforceable scoping; lightweight yet legally binding documentation for change requests; assistance with updates and invoices; and more.

Whether you're a freelancer, a small team, or an agency, our goal is to remove the friction from client work so you can find that flow.

All Ditto products are based on a methodology we call "agile admin." This approach is free for you adopt, regardless of whether you choose to use one of our products - we are here to unleash those creative juices!

Hello From Our Founders

In 2018, our founders Liz and Claire teamed up for a freelance project and never got paid. That sucked, but it shed light on a larger issue in contract creative work: the way we collaborate with clients is broken.

In the years since, we've developed a proven methodology to manage creative project work, designed to ensure alignment every step of the way. In 2019, we launched the first version of Ditto - a platform for freelancers making the transition from marketplace platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to operating independently.

In 2023, we're working on a new solution for small agencies and small creative teams. Right now, we're working with 5 pilot customers as we build the platform, but it's not too late to jump on board early. Join the waitlist and get access to Ditto at early adopter pricing, plus, a world of resources to add efficiency to your workflows while you wait for Ditto.
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