Contractor Experience

Client Experience


Review The Project Scope

  • Your contractor scopes the work in small phases

  • Each phase will include cost + deliverables

client step 1


Approve + Pay

  • You agree to the terms: this is the Ditto version of a MSA

  • You can approve the full or partial project scope. Your contractor may adjust the scope based on your feedback.

  • This is not a commitment: you're not obligated to move forward with any phase until it is paid for and work on it has been started.

client step two


Your Contractor Gets to Work

  • At any time, your contractor may add, remove, or update planned phases at your request.

  • Ditto asks you to approve these changes and dynamically updates the working agreement.

client step three


Your Contractor Gets Paid Promptly

  • At the end of each phase, Ditto gets your approval to release funds to the contractor.

  • You'll have 4 days to review the work and request changes or updates before the money is released.

clint step four