Why We Started Ditto... And How You Can Join The Movement!

We're not here to sell software. We're here to change the world. (Yes, really!) Come join us in changing the balance of power between freelancers and clients, and ensuring that no freelancer ever has to chase an invoice again.




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Back in 2018, Claire Glisson and Liz Heinberg worked on a freelance project... and never got paid. Womp womp.

That sucked, but it got us thinking about all of the ways that contract-based work could be better. More flexible. More collaborative. More transparent. De-risked.

So we made it our mission to change the world (ok, ok... to change a teensy little part of the world.) But we can't do it alone. So we're calling on you to join us!

Please check out our {Work In Progress!} manifesto below ⇢ if you have comments or suggestions, please add them to this google doc.

Ditto Manifesto

We're tired of playing by our clients' rules. We left that world for a reason. We're independent. Mobile. Agile. Flexible. It's time we started working like it.

Ditto is a pact amongst the agile workforce to operate in a way that's truly, well, Agile.

We prioritize flexibility in every working interaction.

From the way we scope and contract, not with static legalese, but with real-time documentation...

To the way we form partnerships, calling on best-in-class talent to tackle any job with targeted skillsets to maximize efficiency...

To the way we operate, with small, clear phases that prioritize productivity and transparency.

We communicate with planned regularity - striving to be proactive rather than reactive. Hint: we're not jumping on last minute video calls or answering late night Slacks.

We say "no way" to net 30-60-90 payment terms. And we've left outdated 50% up front, 50% upon completion payment terms behind. Instead, we ask clients for prompt, predictable, phase-based payments.

Because we know when you're good enough at what you do, you make your own rules.

These are ours.

The thing is - it's not just better for us. It's better for our clients, too. Agile is focused on outcomes, and on delivering smart, efficient work. That can't happen unless there's alignment.

So let's all say "Ditto" and really mean it.

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