Quick Start Guide

So, you think you want to #workwithditto but you want to know more about what the process actually looks like for you and your client? First things first, you should know that Ditto exists to facilitate transparent and productive freelancer-client relationships. We handle the transactional parts of your relationship like collecting payment, defining (and policing) scope and sending administrative updates about your project. Consider us your trusty assistant made to streamline your client relationships. Ready to get started? Read on for a step-by-step guide for what to expect when you work with us, plus, get some helpful content to share with your client to explain how it works.

Step - By - Step

1. Login with your Ditto account, or sign up if you haven't already.

2. When you login, you'll see your Freelancer Dashboard. Consider this your home base for all client work. You can view all live projects from your dashboard, and track funds as they move through the Ditto platform.

3. To get started with your first project click the "Start a New Project" button. You'll fill out a form which breaks your project down into phases, each with a specific set of deliverables and cost.

4. Within 24hrs, you'll have access to a unique project portal for your new project. You can share this portal with your client so they can track project timelines and costs for each phase. Your client can also access important project files like your working agreement (don't worry, we handle that too!) and pay for each phase up front directly from the project portal.

5. Once your project portal is set up, it's time to share it with the client! See below for some sample email text you can share to explain the Ditto process with your client. When the project portal is ready, we'll provide you with this text and all of the links you need (personalized for your project) to share the email below!

Dear {Client Name},

I’m looking forward to working with you! As discussed, I’ve put together a proposal for the work you requested. I handle my projects and invoicing using a platform called Ditto. We will have a shared portal on Ditto where you can go at any time to see what I’m working on for you, view and pay invoices, or download our contract.Here is our shared Ditto project portal - please click through to see my proposal.I’ve broken the proposed work up into phases. Ditto will ask that you fund each phase up front, before work begins. Then Ditto will hold these funds in escrow, and the payment will not be released to me until the phase has been completed to your satisfaction.Because you only pay for one phase at a time, it’s easy for us to make changes to the scope of work on the fly, if we find that we need to. Once a phase is paid for, the scope for that phase is locked in. In order to get started on this project, please sign the contract and then pay the first invoice (these links are also available via the Ditto portal, and copies will be available for download.)Just let me know if you have any questions!


{Freelancer Name}

6. You and your client will need to sign our standard Ditto Services and Escrow agreement. It covers our payment terms and establishes the project portal as a living, breathing scope of work document. Click here to review the Ditto contract.

7. Once your client signs the contract and funds the first phase of work, you're off the the races. We'll keep track of your progress and let your client know when it's time to release the funds we've been holding in escrow. We'll get each subsequent phase funded up front and make sure your client is satisfied before we release them, but rest assured, your days of chasing down payments are over. What Does my Client Need to Know About Ditto?

Ditto was built by freelancers, for freelancers, but clients love it because the Ditto portal keeps the scope or work front and center so they clients always knows exactly where their dollars are going. Here are a few key reasons client love working with Ditto:

1. Escrow payments help clients better budget for projects - they can track exactly where each and every dollar is going, and when those dollars will clear their accounts.

2. Instead of asking clients to fund 50% of the project upfront (the way freelancers often invoice) Ditto only asks them to fund a little bit at a time. No more cash flow woes or unsecured deposits.

3. The Ditto project portal works by encouraging transparency through detailed documentation. There are fewer chances for the project to go off track, and your client can see exactly where the work stands at all times. This allows for more accountability, and makes sure that outlined budgets and timelines are kept front-and-center.

4. The Ditto Services Agreement establishes the project portal as a dynamic representation of agreed-upon deliverables and payments. The only phases that are "under contract" at any given time are the ones that have been paid for. This means that if the project isn't going well, either party has the option to end the relationship at the end of any phase. This offers more flexibility for both freelancer and client.