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Agile Admin Challenge

Whip your business into Agile shape in 30 days. Get our step-by-step guide to designing processes thats maximize transparency, flexibility and productivity.

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Structure + Timeline

This course is entirely free, and attendees can expect to leave with a full understanding of how to implement Agile management practices. You'll understand how and why Agile is important, gain a grasp of free and paid tools to execute our recommendations, and get access to our favorite templates for everything from proposals to invoicing to presentations.

Over the course of a month, we'll dig into four key themes that come together to support an Agile approach to project management and process design. Each theme will be distributed via one weekly email, and one follow up to help you track your progress and form Agile habits. The content is organized in a free Notion space, and all attendees are invited to duplicate this content and adapt it to make it your own.

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Explore the Curriculum

Week 1: Agile Admin Best Practices

Explore Agile habits to build, including tasks to automate, how to frame your schedule to maximize flexibility, and best practices for Agile project management.

Week 2: The Agile Admin Tech Stack

We share our favorite (free!) tech stack for adding maximum flexibility to your client work. Plus, we share a few free and paid ideas for building custom workflows designed with your business in mind.

Week 3: Project Setup + Organization

Our guide to templating and automating away project setup, and organizing your work to encourage flexibility and transparency with your clients. Learn how to onboard and offboard like a well-oiled machine!

Week 4: Client Communication + Collaboration

We share our favorite communication strategies and techniques to keep projects on track, and clients happy. Learn about drawing boundaries, preventing scope creep, and how to be a better collaborator.

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