Ditto is an advocate for the independent workforce.

Midnight hustlers, self-made mavens and digital nomads are our people. We support the ones with the grit and determination to succeed when the going gets tough. The creative types who march to the beat of their own drum. We’re here for those who love the work, but hate everything else that goes into building a successful freelance business.

Our global economy is ripe to experience a major culture shift, where freelancers and contract workers outnumber salaried employees and agile, independent work become more important to growing businesses than ever before. Ditto welcomes this change with open arms as we equip Freelancers with the tools they need to confidently navigate this changing landscape.

Ditto brings balance to the freelancer-client relationship. We say “no” to net-90 and we stop scope creep dead in its tracks. We believe that every freelancer should get paid on time, every time, and that no work should ever go unpaid. We know productive client relationships are built on trust and transparency, and we help freelancers foster those principles in every client interaction.

So to all the solopreneurs out there, we implore you to put your restless mind at ease. Ditto has your back and you deserve to breathe easy. Take confidence in knowing that your hard work won’t go unnoticed or unpaid. Independent workers are the backbone of our American economy – it’s time we start acting like it.