an Agile approach

payments & project management for contractors & clients

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Ditto = Process Perfection

Automate the Admin

Set up the project once, then leave the admin to us.

We handle all of the invoices, reminders, and 1099 tax forms.

Get maximum productivity with minimum effort.

Be a Partner

Ditto replaces CYA contracts with a more positive & proactive approach.

We'll have the un-fun conversations, like "where's the money?"

You collaborate and do good work.

Take It One Step At A Time

Ditto breaks projects up into phases so clients know exactly what to expect and how much it will cost.

Clients pay for a phase up front and we hold the money in escrow until the work is done.

The next phase continues as planned only if both client and contractor are happy.


"In a growing business with contractors coming and going, Ditto helps serve as my project + contractor ‘memory’. As a bonus, the accounting team was absolutely ecstatic when they heard 1099s are no longer their problem."
Dustin S.
President, Hum Works
“Ditto makes it easy for me to stay accountable with my clients and vice versa. It helps me stay organized, and I always know when I’ll get paid.”
Marissa L.
Freelance UX designer
"As an early-stage startup founder, budget predictability is so important for ensuring the health and scalability of my company. My team is almost entirely comprised of nimble, remote talent. Ditto ensures that there are never any questions about where a project stands, how much it’s going to cost, or when I’ll see an invoice."
Alexander E.
Founder & CEO, Prepdeck


2%  flat fee
includes escrow services, all transaction fees, and platform costs.
You don't pay us until you get paid. Nothing. Ever.
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Why Ditto?

never send an invoice

Clients always know when the next payment will be due; contractors get paid on time, every time.

no more CYA contracts

Ditto takes a proactive approach, so you can stop worrying about all of the ways work could go wrong.

dynamic documentation

Static scope of work documents are replaced by a dynamic digital portal. Goodbye, scope creep.

we handle the 1099 forms

When you work through Ditto, we're responsible for 1099 tax forms. Clients like that.

stay aligned and agile

The Ditto portal is light-touch project management. See at a glance where the project stands, then make adjustments.


Ditto was designed specifically for clients and contractors, by people who personally know the pain points.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if there's a dispute?
Will my client want to work this way?
Why not just require an upfront deposit?
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